June 23-29, 2019

Please come join our family and friends for an awesome week to LOVE ATLANTA 2019!

LOVE ATLANTA exists to inspire and mobilize people towards a lifestyle of service to impact our great city and those who live here. LOVE ATLANTA combines creative and artistic storytelling with strong organizational processes to connect people to organizations that they can become passionate.


Love Atlanta · June 25–30, 2018

Passion City Church’s LOVE ATLANTA Team planned for an amazing week full of impactful connections and people SHOWED UP! Over 4,000 people signed in at almost 5,000 volunteer spots through 231 projects all over Atlanta. Our amazing video production team and family served together at two projects last year… feeding hundreds of kids in Lawrenceville at a week-long Church camp and building outside picnic tables for an inner city school. What can your team do to LOVE ATLANTA 2019?

Together, we were able to LOVE ATLANTA with over 14,500 volunteer hours!

So THANK YOU! This is just the beginning of the amazing things that we can all do when we choose to Rise Together to Serve Our City.

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