New Business Marketing Campaign Announcement

SIMOS Insourcing Solutions and Sharitz Marketing Solutions announced today that the two companies have agreed in principle, formed a strategic relationship to market SIMOS through various media channels during 2009 and beyond.  The goal of this new partnership between the two companies is to help strengthen SIMOS’ market position and brand awareness within their target markets, as well as empower them to be their clients’ hero.

Currently, SIMOS Insourcing Solutions is the market leader, helping fortune 1,000 businesses meet their operational objectives.  Tim Sims, CEO/President of SIMOS has developed a unique business model that creates a real blend of engineering and operational intellectual capital, in conjunction with an aggressive and accountable labor strategy that wins for their clients.   SIMOS Insourcing Solutions has worked with Fortune 1,000 companies worldwide to ensure smarter, more effective operations, productivity, ROI and delivery.  Firms such as NIKE, Wal-Mart, Williams-Sonoma and Yamaha have all come to trust SIMOS for custom cost efficiency solutions.  According to Kelly Carlson, COO, “our solutions are engineered to empower our clients’ businesses to prosper.”

Donna Vassil, SIMOS’ VP of Administration views Sharitz Marketing Solutions as a valuable marketing partner who can help them better position and market themselves.  SIMOS’ clients view them as a valuable partner who can help them understand how to ramp up and ramp down for the seasons, project business costs, develop multiple labor management models, improve ROI on labor, and really teach them about lean manufacturing.

Sharitz Marketing Solutions’ new marketing team will create a new positioning strategy for SIMOS that encapsulates their business, has intrinsic value as it telegraphs SIMOS’ strengths in their markets and provides them with a solid proposition to springboard into expanding business opportunities.

SIMOS Insourcing Solutions

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