Local Store Marketing Programs To Drive New Sales and Keep Loyal Customers

The key to increasing unit sales is marketing each individual store so that it dominates its trade area. This requires a combination of in- and out-of-store promotional efforts, for which the franchise organization must provide each operator effective local store marketing tools and training.

Bringing operators up to speed with the necessary marketing and operations materials can cost your Units across a system differ to some degree in customer demographics and specific needs - an effective local store marketing program must provide the operator with tools to speak to his or her different audiences and sell more products, to more people, more often.

SMS will assist you by developing a stable of systems, tools, programs, and processes that help operators effectively market their stores. In addition to developing a variety of impactful and creative in-store and out-of-store promotional materials, SMS will work with you to develop a user-friendly, turnkey system for implementing these programs on the local store level.

Increase unit sales
Decrease communications costs
Successful product launches
Increased compliance


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